At Jarvis, we aim to find the most developed technology ideas that will propel the world forward. Through our proven process, we carefully vet each idea to ensure there is a problem that needs solving, a market looking for a solution, and a scale that is quick enough to be cutting edge.

Step 1

To start, we identify problems or industries that have a lot of demand. We specifically target industries where competing technologies are not user friendly. Once we have an idea that we believe we can build and sell better than everyone else, we seed the company with $5k - $50k. Our bright engineers get to work building the best product they can within these constraints.

Step 2

If the Prototype phase passes, we know that no company will be successful without the perfect C-level team. The typical CEO candidate will be a passionate, proven sales leader within the industry. We also promote an engineer from within our CTO training program to lead the Jarvis development processes at the new company.

Step 3

After we put the prototype on the market, we check to see if there is traction and demand for our technology. If we find high demand and the problem we are solving is still important to us, then we seed the company with an additional $100k-$500k and try to get revenues to a recurring $50k/month or more.

Step 4

If we have made it through the Prototype, Leadership, and MLP phases with success, we then look to properly finance and scale the new venture. We keep a team of trusted investors who love to add vetted companies to their portfolios. Investors can be confident that Jarvis companies have proper legal work, leadership teams, technology processes, and advisory boards.

Step 5

We know when it is time to get out of our own way and let our companies scale quickly. We provide the perfect environment for launch and growth. Need extra engineers now? Need access to trusted financing? Need extra help getting through the weeds? Jarvis is always there, but never overreaching. Kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man...