Making life better
through technology
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On the back of our best-in-class development arm, we incubate and enable impactful technology companies to build software that changes the way we think about the world.
Bring great ideas to life.

As a leader in custom web and mobile development, Sahara is the nucleus of Jarvis and our company portfolio. With a 5 year, perfect track record of completing projects on time and under budget, Sahara prides itself on it’s ability to manage expectations and deliver immersive digital experiences. Through Sahara, we help clients bring their great ideas to life.

Google knows more about your kids than you do, we’re changing that.

Pyur is the world’s first smart filter. We were the first company to successfully develop a VPN and Proxy profile that would allow parents to track all internet activity on a child’s device whether inside or outside of the home. We aren’t another web filter that intrusively blocks all sites visited, but instead we have developed behavior recognition algorithms that will adapt to a user’s browsing patterns. We knew we were building the right tools when we had over 2k signups within 30 days of launching our beta site.

Powerful addiction recovery tools.

Fight The New Drug has taught more than 1.3M followers that pornography is just like a drug. Pornography is addictive and destructive to the brain. As such, FTND and Impact Collective developed Fortify to help people recover from pornography addiction. And it works. Currently, 85% of users show reduced depression levels and 76% of users show progression in their recovery after just three weeks. Our more than 40,000 users trust Fortify as the most effective online addiction recovery platform.

Unifying organizations through knowledge distribution.

Lightbulb’s LMS helps make training enjoyable so employees and students will actually want to participate. Lightbulb has created new ways to learn and more importantly, Lightbulb provides courses that build real skill sets applicable to the job field. Additionally, Lightbulb creates a community feeling so knowledge can be shared quickly to anyone in the organization and with our new Content Marketplace, organizations like LDS Business College can deploy training for others and receive compensation for their curriculum, just like iTunes.

Help distributors become better distributors.

We teamed up with Alan Pollard, an 18-year seasoned executive in the DSO space, to bring individualized software tools to direct sales. Ativeo’s platform delivers one on one coaching to network marketing professionals with a guarantee to increase their monthly income. We focus on helping them get to the next level. Through the acquisition of other technologies we are poised to be the largest and most advanced platform on the market with over 3.5 million users.

Making good teams exceptional.

Olumo was built to become every manager’s greatest asset — a simple, elegant tool designed to help good teams become exceptional. Through real-time surveys delivered directly through sms, Olumo's technology identifies trends and weaknesses within teams and provides recommendations and actionable steps managers can take to correct issues and increase performance.

Luxury Vehicle Service.

Eleanor is the new Luxury Vehicle Subscription Service, offering discerning drivers the freedom to explore without limits. Choose from a curated list of the latest premium vehicles, with access to exchange models up to twelve times per year. Experience white-glove delivery, built-in insurance and maintenance, all included in our no-contract monthly service.